Currently on offer: CHP units from 5 kW to 550 kW

On the Internet platform for used CHP plants of CHP-Info Centre CHP plants are with an electrical output of 5 kW up to 550 kW.

The CHP used market creates good opportunities for the sale and purchase of used cogeneration plants (Foto: BHKW-Infozentrum)

CHP plants in the power range of 5 kW to 550 kW electrical power are currently available on the CHP-Used market ( Last year, a total of 54 cogeneration plants were offered. In the first two months of this year 12 used CHP plants were already listed on the CHP used market site.

 For around ten years the BHKW Infozentrum ( has enabled operators of CHP plants to offer their used (CHP) on an Internet site reaching the largest possible number of potential customers. The site provides a large range of used CHP plants to potential CHP buyers.

For four years, the CHP used market advertisements are not only available in Germany and Austria but also in two English-language websites ( published. This enables the international sale of used CHP plants.


Report in German: Derzeit im Angebot: BHKW-Anlagen von 5 kW bis 550 kW
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